how (and where) to find photo supplies

Hi all,

You can complete all of your courses without using any of these resources, but if you’re interested, I made a list of locations available outside of school where you can find photo supplies. While you’re in school, I recommend talking to Paul about what’s available in the Photography Department on campus.

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  • Pond’s Foto Source
    • Pro
      • In Guelph
    • Con
      • It is recommended you don’t develop your film here


  • Toronto Image Works
    • Student discount available
    • This is where I develop my film
  • Downtown Camera
    • Student discount available


  • Burlington Camera
    • Closer than Toronto, but no student discount

The Internet

  • Kijiji
    • I’ve bought both digital cameras and film cameras from people off of kijiji and they work great. You just have to be more careful. I always bring a friend and meet at a public location when I pick up (example: Tim Hortons). I’ve also picked up free expired film from people on Kijiji.
  • B&H Photo
    • Prices are in US dollar

Other places

  • You’ll also find some supplies at big companies, such as Walmart, Amazon, Shoppers Drug Mart… but it is a good idea to support the smaller businesses