step 1: opening and creating files

Open the application

You can open SketchUp for free in your browser here.

Choose or create your own model

SketchUp has a 3D Warehouse filled with content.

A quick search for an “art gallery” will take you here – but feel free to explore and search different types of architectural spaces to display your work.

If you’re interested in 3D modelling, you can also create your own exhibition space.

Here are some instructions on how to get started with SketchUp via LinkedIn Learning. You can sign in for free using your UofG account.

Download and open your model

Once you have found a model you’d like to use on the 3D Warehouse, click the “download” button that looks like a downward arrow.

To open the file, go back to the open sketchup application. You can open your new download by clicking “home” -> “open” -> “my computer”.

You will probably find your file under “downloads”. Once you find it, select “choose” and it should open up as a temporary file.

Click “save” in the left-hand corner to save the file to your SketchUp account. Now you can delete the download file saved to your hard drive.

When you save your SketchUp project, it’s a good idea to name the file the assignment title you’re working on. If you’d like, you can organize your files using folders.

Time to start working away at your project. Good luck!

step 2: editing a sketchup file

Questions? SketchUp’s help center is super helpful!