how to make a blog post

Hello and welcome to learning how to make your WordPress blog post!

Step 1: Log in!

Start by logging in to your WordPress account.

Step 2: Create your post

Once you have logged in, you will see the “New” button on the top line of your screen. Click “New -> Post”.

The large text above is where you write your title (in this case, “How to make a blog post”), and paragraph blocks (like this one) allow you to write the content of your post.

There are two ways to add new blocks. The first is by typing a word then pressing “Enter” on your keyboard. When you do this, WordPress will automatically create a new paragraph block.

You can quickly change the block type before you start typing by clicking the black square with the white “+” symbol.

The second way to add a new block is to click the “+” sign in the top left-hand corner beside WordPress’s “W”. Blocks allow you to insert images, videos, and other types of files. Click on it to check out all of your options.

Note: when adding your images, choose the “gallery” option. This will allow you to upload multiple images at once, and allow viewers to click on the image to enlarge it on their screens.

To attach links, you can either copy and paste them into the paragraph block – or you can highlight a word and add a hyperlink. The hyperlink button is indicated below in a red square.

Step 3: Assign a category

Once you are finished creating your post, it is important that you assign your post to the correct category – for example:

  • Assignment 1: Work in Progress
  • Assignment 1: Final

You can assign your post to a category by clicking the “settings” button that looks like a gear in the top right corner beside the word “Publish”. Once the settings side bar opens, make sure you are navigating the “Document” section (as opposed to the “Block” section) and scroll down until you see the “Categories” drop down menu.

Once you have categorized your post, you are ready to press “Publish” in the top right hand corner. WordPress may ask you to double check your work before you post (you should do this) so may have to click “Publish” twice.

You can always “Edit” and “Update” your post after you publish it if you realize you have made a mistake. You can find the “Edit” at the bottom of your published post, or in the navigation bar at the top of your browser. The “Update” button is found where “Publish” was previously. (Note: you have to be logged in to be able to access the edit button).


For instructions on resizing your images for the internet, please refer to this helpful document from Susan.

For instructions on how to create an icon beside your name, click here.

If you are having troubles with anything else, WordPress has a support page which is super helpful.

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